Cultural and Creative Industry Awards
South Africa Honors its brightest stars

The Cultural and Creative Industry Awards, also referred to as the CCI Awards, are to be most desired recognition and cultural phenomenon in the South African creative industry, bestowed to SA’s top and leading creatives in the various creative sector categories and subdomains, creatives that exhibit outstanding artistic and technical achievement.

These are creatives from across cultural domains that push the boundaries of their creative ability and show devotion to excellence with uncompromising quality, groundbreaking creativity and relentless innovation that defines those that are outstanding from the best.

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture intends to confer on them annually in appreciation of outstanding contributions to the creative sector as judged by the Cultural and Creative Industry Awards adjudication and judging panel.


To be the most desired award brand across all entertainment platforms in South Africa, on a mission to recognize and honour the best and most talented creatives amongst us.

To make a difference in the lives of our artists, audiences, and sponsor partners; using our event platforms to deliver the most spectacular and memorable experiences each year for the Arts

To have a purpose that people can resonate with, becoming a brand that is aspirational, fulfilling the role with more substance, elevating the brand stature through meaningful engagements.


Honour and National Pride


Glam with Substance

Authentic & Meaningful

Passion and Energetic

Strategically Crafted, Uniquely Positioned

Creatives & Artists

Elevating the Creative Economy

Elevating Art and Opportunity

The Cultural and Creative Industry Awards are more than an awards platform; they are a celebration of South African artistic excellence. We connect creatives with opportunities, fostering partnerships that shine a light on our nation’s rich cultural tapestry.

Recognition, Collaboration, Global Impact

We honor outstanding talent in the arts, encouraging collaborations that drive positive change and enhance international marketability. Our focus extends to creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, spotlighting their contributions to both the arts and our community.

Driving Economic and Cultural Growth

Our awards are a catalyst for economic development and social cohesion, building bridges between culture, media, and corporate sectors. Join us in recognizing and celebrating the vibrant creativity that defines South Africa.

Strategic Value

Vibrant Connections: At the Cultural and Creative Industry Awards, every moment is electrifying. We connect deeply with our audience, championing values that matter both morally and economically, and delivering sustainable, memorable experiences.

Authentic Beats: Prepare for an extraordinary showcase featuring the best artists and the latest hits. Our events are not just shows; they’re authentic, unforgettable experiences that resonate long after the curtain falls.

Inspiring Engagements: We’re more than an awards ceremony. We’re a platform for meaningful and aspirational engagements, sparking inspiration and leaving a lasting impact on the creative community.

Join us for an unforgettable journey at the Cultural and Creative Industry Awards, where creativity, connection, and inspiration come alive!

Value Proposition

Unforgettable Spectacles: The Cultural and Creative Industry Awards are not just events; they’re extraordinary experiences that set the bar in the South African music scene, thrilling audiences with unforgettable moments.

Authority and Prestige: We are the authoritative voice in music, recognizing and celebrating the best talent in South Africa. Our awards symbolize prestige and influence in the industry.

Economic and Inspirational Impact: Beyond entertainment, we’re dedicated to the economic upliftment of SMEs and making a positive impact on our audience’s lives. Our events are platforms for growth, inspiration, and responsible change.

Broadening Connections: We expand horizons, connecting people and ideas. The Cultural and Creative Industry Awards are about more than music; they’re about fostering a community of development and inspiration.

Join us for a celebration of creativity, influence, and transformative experiences at the Cultural and Creative Industry Awards.